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What makes Chateau Lalinde so special?

Whatever your reason for choosing this chateau, its location is ideally suited to make it your base for exploring the surrounding regions. Within easy reach are the 18 historic Bastide towns of the Aquitaine, the Dordogne Valley – home of a Thousand Chateaux,  a rich choice of some of the most renowned troglodyte cave dwellings and painted caves, such as Lascaux II,  and of course, a feast of the best food and wine that France has to offer, notably the finest foie gras, truffles, walnut products and goat’s milk cheeses. Regional cuisine is readily available from venues that range from the delightful farm restaurants (Ferme Auberge) through to the most sophisticated Michelin starred establishments, where the food is accompanied by the best wines from Bergerac and Bordeaux.

A local survey recently highlighted marked differences in the approach between members of different nationalities visiting the Dordogne. The British are apparently noted for their fondness for golf. The Germans head for churches and abbeys. Americans are looking for ‘something different’, good wines, painting-, writing-, cookery- and language courses – and comfort. The Italians, who come principally in August, enjoy château life and the local cuisine. Spaniards, on the other hand, are visitors throughout the year, and immediately seek out the Vesunna museum in Périgueux, whose architect, Jean Nouvel is a well-known French figure in Spain. Dutch and Belgians, as well as the Antipodeans love nothing more than getting on their bicycles to explore the countryside.

However, when one looks at the location of Chateau Lalinde, you will realise that such generalised surveys are useless, as everyone loves it here --  for you would have a hard time to find a spot more suitable as a base from where to do all these activities, and more!

When it comes to golf, the courses in this area abound. Within a radius of about 50 kilometers, there are at least 30 plus golf courses to choose from.

If you are interested in Churches and Abbeys – you cannot find better than this area --  remember, we are right in the heart of the route of the Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage

View from pool terrace

Cyclists and hikers alike love this area as it not only offers interesting and varied routes through some of the loveliest scenery, but a wide choice of villages and hamlets where they are welcomed and treated warmly and generously. This is also a very interesting centre from where to take guided horse riding tours to Cathare castles, bastide towns, along the Dordogne Valley and through some of the most breathtaking historic forests of France. You can go canoeing on the river, go on hot air balloon rides, fly in a vintage aircraft, do a course in French or painting or paper making, and, as for lovers of history and the romance of the past and archaeology, it can safely be said that nowhere in the world is there such a variety of historic, prehistoric and archaeological sites.

A few suggestions for excursions in the area:

Chateaux and Gardens
The Dordogne valley is known as the Valley of a Thousand Castles – as well as the gardener’s paradise. As an introduction to this beautiful area, we suggest you visit two completely different castles – Beynac, a fortress castle and once the seat of Richard the Lionheart, and Les Milandes, the fairy tale home of cabaret artist, Josephine Baker and her ‘rainbow tribe family’. While you are in that area, also visit the cliff top gardens of Marqueyssac where 150 000 box plants have been cut into an exceptional example of free style topiary. A picnic lunch with a view over the river will add another magic touch to the day. At Les Milandes, in the shadow of this beautiful little chateau, stop to  watch an excellent display of the ancient art of falconry.

Wars, warriors and wastrels
Spend the day meandering through the beautiful countryside where once was fought the 100-year war between the French and the English. See the beautiful picturesque bastide towns that were built during that time and enjoy lunch in any one of the most beautiful. Visit a quaint little shop that still sells the same things as they did during the 100 year war and visit one of the towns that still bear the scars of the WWII. Finish your afternoon in Bergerac – the setting of the famously charming Cyrano, where you can spend a little time exploring – and shopping in  the lovely old town.

Caves and Caverns: Walk in the footsteps of Cro-Magnon Man
The area in which Chateau Lalinde is situated, is known as the Cradle of Mankind in Europe. Here, in the lime stone cliffs of the Dordogne and the Vezere rivers, traces of Cro-Magnon Man and his descendants through the thousands of years, abound. Visit the Roc de St Christophe,  where a huge  city was once carved out of the cliff face, and then move on to St Leon de Vezere, one of the most beautiful villages of  France, where you can enjoy a light lunch under the willows on the banks of the river Vezere.


Food! Delicious Food!
No visit to the area can be complete without learning something about the special food of the Perigord. Thursday is Market Day in Lalinde: Every Thursday and Saturday mornings the village square is turned into a bustling country market with the sights and the sounds and the smells of every kind of fresh and organically grown product the region has to offer, sea food fresh out of the sea at Arcachon that morning, fruit, vegetables, home made cheeses, breads, hams, sausages, as well as local arts and crafts, clothing, second hand books, and much more.  Sit at a little café and sip a glass of wine or just walk through the village and discover Lalinde and learn about its dragons, saints and fascinating history.

Also available in the area: (Ask owner for information)

    * A wide range of Excursions to any of the many places of interest

    * Wine tasting and buying

    * Participatory cookery demonstrations

    * Short language courses

    * Hand-made paper making courses

And then, to stay in and use as your base - or as a home-from-home, the little jewel of the Chateau Lalinde, right on the edge of the Dordogne River, you will surely exclaim, as one guest recently did:
"I think I have died and gone to heaven!"

From Kaye Harrold, Perth, Australia:

"I am still basking in the happy and comfortable feelings I had over the weekend, feeling welcome, meeting new people, and enjoying the beautiful location. The whole area is the type of countryside I have seen in my dreams. I thank you again for your hospitality, your charm and for sharing your home with me. You have shown me the myths and legends of the Southwest of France that I anticipated seeing. Fate stepped in because I almost didn’t come because of the distance. I know now I would drive several times the distance for such a wonderful experience."