View from the terrace
Chateau Lalinde

Welcome to the most idyllic Bed and Breakfast – or Chambres d’hotes, as we call it here,
in the Dordogne: Chateau Lalinde.

The experienced traveller can become jaded with superlatives used to attract visitors.
Chateau Lalinde needs none.

It is superb.

Situated on the Dordogne River, it is the perfect place for whatever event or activity holiday you are planning - or just for total relaxation in a stunning setting.  The chateau gives you a perfect base for:

You name the event or the reason, the Chateau Lalinde is the ideal location for you.

It is the only chateau that  actually ‘stands with its feet’ in the Dordogne River and the owner has created an ambiance to match this unique feature – a sense of style, comfort and understated luxury that is inviting and intimate - simply perfect.

Avoiding the museum-like clichés of many other historic chateaux and dwellings, Chateau Lalinde is a beautiful private home --- and one you can make ‘yours’ for the dream chateau home-stay in a wonderful location.

There is a legend in the Dordogne that goes like this:

When the Creator had made the earth and the mountains and the rivers and the plants and animals and the First Man and First Woman, he was pleased with his work. And like any creator of beautiful things, he wanted to add the last touch to make it perfect. So he sent an angel to the earth with a big bag of precious stones and instructed him to scatter the gem stones all over the earth. Wherever the stones fell, a beautiful chateau would appear and serve as homes for Man and Woman.

The angel started over Russia, scattering a handful of the precious stones here and there. He then flew over Eastern Europe, again scattering a handful here and there. When he flew over Germany and Austria, he felt a little more generous -- as the bag was also starting to feel heavy and the sun was setting in the west. Next he flew over France, and, getting a little tired, he stumbled over a sun ray, spilling half his bag of gem stones over the Loire valley.
Now only the most precious stones were left. And that was when he flew over the lovely Dordogne River. He thought it so beautiful and worthy of the very best, that he decided to empty the entire bag of precious stones along the length of the Dordogne Valley.
And the most beautiful little gem landed on the edge of the water in Lalinde….